solar panels

When you install a solar power system for your home or business, you may be told about the utility of also investing in a SMA sunny boy inverter. The following will take a closer look at what exactly this accessory is and what kind of benefits it can provide you with.

What is a sma sunny boy inverter?

A sma sunny boy inverter is a device that is hooked up your solar PV panels and works to turn the DC electricity it generates from sun exposure into AC electricity that can be both used around your home/business and sold back to the municipal power grid.

A micro version of this technology can be installed on each individual panel rather than all being processed through a centralised device. This can allow greater flexibility in how you arrange your PV array, with all of the units combining to feed electricity to your home or back the municipal supply.

A hybrid will work the same as a regular one except it will have the capacity to be connected to a battery system that can store electricity for use when the sun isn’t shining. This can make your system much more efficient during colder months.

A sma sunny boy inverter can be broken up into 3 primary groups, power plant, string and micro. There are significant differences between these 3 groups.

Business benefits of using a sma sunny boy inverter

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There are many benefits to using a system with this kind of technology included as a part of it in your business. The following will examine some of those benefits.

Reducing greenhouse gases and helping the planet

Of course, investing in a SMA sunny boy inverter is going to mean that your home or business is reducing its carbon footprint and minimising your contribution to global warming. If you are someone who care about the future of the planet and ensuring a bright future for children, then reducing greenhouse gases is very important.

Adding to green credentials

A bonus of installing a solar system with a sma sunny boy inverter is that it will enhance your credibility as a company that cares about the issue of global warming. This means that potential customers who also care about global warming will be more drawn to your business since you align more with their personal values. People feel better about giving their money to a company that they believe is doing the right thing and not breaking the law or trying to get away with polluting the atmosphere.

Reduces electricity costs

Reducing the running costs of your business is always important and a solar PV system with a sma sunny boy inverter is one of the best ways you can reduce your overheads. Because the energy the PV system generates come from the free and abundance source of the earth’s sun – there’s nobody that you need to pay for access or any limit on how much you can tap into.

As a bonus, with a battery system using a hybrid sma sunny boy inverter you can sell excess power that you don’t use back to the municipal power grid. Despite the initial investment, this kind of system will eventually pay for itself in the form of savings it generates for you, no matter what line of work you are in.