woman taking a shower

Your hot water cylinder is an important part of what make your home life comfortable and it can be easy to take it for granted like so many other modern conveniences. However, when your tank breaks down, bursts or has some other kind of issue then the inconvenience can be quite devastating. Being forced to take cold showers before work because your hot water cylinder is in disrepair is a nightmare that you really don’t want to deal with – do yourself a favor and follow these basis maintenance and care tips.


1.      Call a plumber once a year

It’s a good idea to have a professionally licensed plumber come to your premises and perform a routine inspection of your hot water cylinder. This means they will do things like replace the sacrificial anode and check that all pipe connections are secure properly.

The sacrificial anode is a special sheet of material that is designed to attract rust so that the interior tank doesn’t. Naturally, you need to replace this anode every so often so that it can continue to attract the damaging rust and protect the interior of your tank.

You can rely on pretty much any local plumber to know what to do with your hot water cylinder. It can be a good idea to get them to help you with installation if you upgrade to a new system.


2.      Inspect it monthly

man installing hot water cylinder

You should do a personal inspection of your hot water cylinder at the start of each month and do a quick look over for any cracks or problems. You should scan systematically from top to bottom so that you don’t miss anything.

It can be a good idea to also get a plumber to give you a tutorial on how to identify common problems with your plumbing system so that you know when it’s necessary to call them. This can help you save money by solving problems before they get worse and jeopardise your entire system.


3.      Turn it off when you go on holiday

When your hot water cylinder system is on it is constantly doing its job and consequently wearing down to a point where a replacement or repair will become necessary. In order to slow down the rate at which your system degrades, and in turn delay the need for costly repair or replacement, turn the system off entirely when you travel or go overseas for an extended period.

You wouldn’t leave your bedroom lights on when you go on holiday, so don’t leave your hot water cylinder on as well. This can be a very effective way to enhance the longevity of your system and is recommended by plumbers.


4.      Be careful with landscaping

When you have a hot water cylinder that needs to be stored outside, such as a gas one, then it will be exposed to more wear and tear than and interior one. A source of potential damage can be when you use lawnmowers and other landscaping tools around the unit as you may bump it and cause dents.

All you need to do is show a little extra care when doing landscaping tasks around your hot water cylinder, so you don’t run the risk of causing accidental damage to it and needing to pay for a costly repair or replacement.