When you collect a lot of valuable possessions over the course of your life, you naturally want to protect them with whatever reasonable measures you can afford. If you have some very, very valuable items (such as art, vintage car etc.) then the item might be worth more than the home you are keeping it in, so you might want to invest in something a little more secure.

Luckily, you can invest in a secure Newcastle self storage facility that will act like a castle where it is designed to repel forced entry as well as keep the items within in top condition. Let’s take a closer look at the main benefits of investing in a secure Newcastle self storage vault.


1.     Ultimate security

The bottom line is; nobody is going to get their hands on your valuables once they are locked securely inside a Newcastle self storage vault. These boxes are made from several inches of thick steel and can repel everything except for military-grade munitions. Basically, it would take a foreign army’s firepower to come in and take your stuff since nobody domestically has the will or means to break in because of how secure it is. These storage facilities are walled and have CCTV monitoring as well as patrolling guards.

If you want complete peace of mind that nobody is going to be able to break-in and steal or destroy your valuables, you can’t go past a secure Newcastle self storage facility. It is simply the best protection that a civilian can afford for their valuables.


2.     Unrivalled protection

Other people aren’t the only or even the direst threat to your valuables. Investing in a secure Newcastle self storage vault is also going to give your valuables to ultimate protection against the weather. As you probably already know, valuable collectibles that are made from paper or cloth materials like priceless gowns or even a vintage comic book collection can be ravaged by humidity when they are kept in a dark and dank basement. A secure storage vault will be a completely environmentally-sealed area where no outside humidity is going to get in.

This also means that in a giant storm or an extreme weather event like a cyclone, your goods will be safe. Not even a tornado is going to be able to rip up and move a secure vault, so you don’t need to stress about it!


3.     Peace of mind

The psychological benefit of investing in a secure Newcastle self storage vault is that you will get to enjoy total peace of mind about the welfare of your most prized possessions. No longer will you have to think “did I lock the safe” when you go on holiday because you know that the most valuable items you own are in vault that’s basically impossible to break into.

This will allow you to freely focus on other aspects of your life and not worry about your material possessions so much.


4.     Free up space in your home

Lastly, you should know that when you invest in a secure Newcastle self storage vault you create more free space at home for the everyday things you actually use. For example, if you move a vintage motorcycle from your garage to a vault then you can use the space the bike preciously occupied to store something else or make space for an activity you want to do.