If you lose your keys regularly then you know how annoying it can be, you’re running late and searching for them everywhere. Did you leave them in the pocket of your jeans? Are they in-between the couch cushions? Did they fall under the table? You’ve searched high and low and you just can’t seem to find them. If you’re the kind of person who can’t keep track of your keys and wallet, then you’ve probably run into the same trouble with your e-liquid bottles. It’s a pain, you go fill your e-cigarettes, ready to relax with a nice vaping session only to discover that your e-liquid is missing.

We don’t blame you for losing your e-liquids! The bottles are small, and easy to lose track of. So if you’ve lost your favourite flavour, and you’ve looked almost everywhere you can think of, read on below. We’ve come up with all the common hiding spots, escape routes and forgotten storage areas that your e-juice might have ended up in. Read on below for help with your next e-juice search.


Check your car console


A lot of people will vape in their car. It’s a little more private than public areas, and the confined space is great for getting a big, thick vapour cloud going to make the flavour experience better. This naturally means that some people will end up leaving their e-cigarette in the console of their car, so if you haven’t already looked here, this is a good place to search. The console, cup holder or boot of the car are common places for people to leave their e-juice sitting around. If you’d left it on the seat of your it might also be possible that your e-juice might have rolled under the seat. The car is generally not a good place to keep e-liquids, as it can get too hot and ruin your favourite flavour, so it’s best to avoid leaving your bottles there in the future.


Near your desk

If you have a computer desk at home, then this might be an area where your e-juice bottles have ended up. Not only is a desk a convenient surface to put bottles down, usually with drawers but a lot of people enjoy vaping whilst they get computer tasks or work out of the way. If you spend a lot of time at your desk, then there’s a good chance your e-cigarette accessories accumulate around your desk. Sometimes bottles can roll behind your desk, or out of drawers, so if you can’t find it on your desk it’s possible it’s rolled away. Check behind desk drawers, you might need to pull them out, or search behind your computer, or anything sitting around your desk.


The kitchen drawers

kitchen drawers

In the process of tidying up around the house, it’s easy to put e-juice bottles away and forget where they were left. A common place for them to end up is in a kitchen drawer or cabinet, after tidying up. You might have quickly thrown the bottle in a drawer whilst wiping down the kitchen bench, or hidden it in your dressing room drawers whilst trying to clean up the kitchen.


In your backyard

If you like to use your e-cigarette outside on your back patio, then this might be where your e-liquids have ended up. You might have left your e-cig sitting around on the back table, only for it to be blown off by the wind. Your e-juice might have rolled under the table, off your balcony completely, into the garden, under a chair. Have a thorough look around, it might have fallen somewhere you normally wouldn’t think to look.