Among the most commonly visited places of Grand Canyon helicopter rides the Grand Canyon west has got many attractive features. One of the highlighted features of the place is the accessibility to the Grand Canyon from lass Vegas. The glass skywalk is the next thing which males the area the favorite of a major portion of visitors of Grand Canyon helicopter ride. In fact there are different names by which the skywalk is famous for. It includes glass Sky Bridge, glass walkway, glass balcony, glass floor. The proximity to the lass Vegas as well as the skywalk attracts the visitors more due to the easiness of accessibility. It is highly important about the place that they are around one million people visiting the area in a year. The proper location of the Grand Canyon west is in the Hualapai lands of Indian tribal people which are not a part of the national park-grand canyon.


Thus the protection of administration of the land becomes irrelevant here due to these reasons which are a great advantage of the whole Grand Canyon copter trips. There are certain differences for the visits allowed in the Grand Canyon west since the entry fees to the area is not connected to the fees of the other areas. Separate fees are charged for the Grand Canyon west visiting. The tribal people in the area is one of the major attractions of the people coming here are tourists. There are no tickets supplied for the skywalk alone. But the packages can only be chosen by the tourists in which many other places are also included.

Among the places of Grand Canyon chopper tours the Grand Canyon west is the one with specific ticket facilities and information. The skywalk is arranged huts 70 feet above the Grand Canyon so that the tourists can easily and closely watch the Grand Canyon amidst the air. Many of the tourists after the skywalk said this is one of the most wonderful experiences they had in the life. The skywalk is just a like dream in which we fly over the Grand Canyon. What exist is just the air between the flyer and the Grand Canyon.

The next attractions to which most of the tourists choose are the Hualapai ranch and guano point. The visitor has to park their vehicle in the entrance by paying the entrance fees and have to get the other tour packages offered by the corporation officers. The gold package is the one which includes the skywalk which is one of the unavoidable experiences in the Grand Canyon aircraft travelling. The haves fall near the Grand Canyon west is also exclusive feature to which many of the visitors are attracted to.

In the entire Grand Canyon helicopter ride the Grand Canyon west has been one of the most asked for spot by the visitors. The major attractions of the area include the existing tribal people, skywalk and the haves fall so that the tourists feel they are in such a wonderful dream.