Vapers are quite specific about their vape devices and nicotine e liquid they consume. Some may call it obsession, but when they go out to buy nicotine e liquid, e-cigarette or any vape stuff, being specific helps shape the buying decision.

It is crucial to think and compare and again think and compare until you find the right match for yourself.

If you are here to know more about the types of electronic cigarettes so that you can buy the perfect one, read on to learn more.

These are e-cigs that are designed to look like a traditional cigarette. Suitable for vaping enthusiasts who are primitive at heart and look for an experience that shouldn’t feel any different. Before you buy this type of e-cig, you will have to decide what draw – automatic or manual – you would like. By manual, we mean that you have to push the button before you take your puffs. Whereas in automatic, just breathing in nicotine e liquid from your device will activate the mechanism.

Besides, you can either go for disposable or rechargeable cig-a-likes. If you don’t want to get into the maintenance bother, disposable would be perfect for you. Cig-a-likes even vary according to their nicotine e liquid refill requirements and charging options.


Once you have enough vaping experience to drop the newbie tag, eGo is the next big thing to try out. eGo is offered by a good deal of manufacturers out there in different shapes and configurations. They come with decent battery life and are affordable and versatile. All the above qualities of these e-cigs make them the best fit for vapers who do not want to dig too deep into their pockets.

While choosing the right eGo for you, you would need to take into account variable voltage options (if applicable) and brand. Out of these technical specifications, the size, i.e., the life of your battery really matters more than anything. It is measured in mAh (milli amps per hour). The higher the mAh, the longer can you enjoy your nicotine e liquid.

Mods for pro vapers
Mods come in a huge supply as well as an extensive variety to choose from. If you want a simple yet durable mod without any complex circuitry, you should go with the mechanical type. In this type, you are free to choose any battery you like. The only issue with the mech mod is that you cannot regulate its voltage or wattage unless you use it with a kicker (no wonder it can burn a hole in your pocket unnecessarily.) So, the ones looking for an alternative to mech mods must settle for digital configuration. The digital mods are relatively easy to use; plus, you can vary the heat using variable settings at your will.

These digital mods come with either built-in or removable batteries. If you have more than one battery, the mod with removable batteries can work best for you and save you from all that waiting that comes with the built-in ones. But the built-in batteries are fairly advantageous, especially eliminating the need to manage all those peripherals. One more thing about built-ins we like is that you can vape e liquid without having to worry about reassembling the battery first.

Before you head to any store to buy nicotine e liquid, e-cig, battery or any vape accessory, make sure you keep this guide handy.