Trees are used for different purposes in the growth and development of economy in various levels. Tree removal is done for many purposes like getting timber or wood, paper, medicines etc. the positive side of the tree removal is only getting attention whereas the negative side is very dark and dangerous for the existence of life on earth. It is very important to know how the tree removal affects the entire world even though technological developments and advancements are taking place in one side. Here are some brie descriptions about the effects of forest deportation which has become common in most parts of the world.


Deforestation is the cutting down of trees in large numbers for any particular motive like commercial activities or residential purposes like building of flats and apartments. An area is cleared for undergoing many human activities in that place. In fact the trees produce large amount of oxygen which is the life gas of all the living organisms in the earth. Thus it is important to sustain the trees on earth so that the living organism can survive. The sapling discharge has also resulted in many climatic changes that are extreme for the human existence.

Another great advantage of trees is the absorption of harmful greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. We know that greenhouse gases have got tremendously high in level in the air which results in many harmful effects like ozone depletion and global warming. The seedling elimination fuel the spreading of greenhouse gases which in turn increased the above-mentioned harmful effects. It is also to be noted that there are many living organisms in the ecosystem which cannot adapt to certain climatic conditions. The stock eradication has also resulted in the extinction of many flora and fauna which had their own role in the maintenance of equilibrium of ecosystem.

Another effect of the topiary evacuation is the loss of habitat of many animals. Thus the balance of the entire ecosystem is affected adversely so that the animal’s starts migrating from one place to another and finally dies due to many environmental changes. Studies show that the seventy per cent of the animals in the earth live in the forest so that the shrub eviction can affect them in a worse manner. The destruction of home of animals by the humans is the selfish movement which will act as a boomerang of destruction in future.

The level of rain fall is also reduced to a large extent which results in drought and speedy evaporation from land. Thus the ground water level is also decreased as a result of woods expulsion. The climatic changes will reach in such a situation that the human cannot live more on earth.

The major disadvantages of tree removal mostly done by an arborist is the increasing of heat and climatic changes which could even result in the death of living organisms in the earth. It is also to be noted that the tree removal can also increase the amount of greenhouse gases and global warming which affect the balance of ecosystem.