Marriage consumes every person with its hectic preparations that at times they completely forget about their upcoming honeymoon. So, wait for a second and ask yourself, are you really ready for your honeymoon? Most couples are so excited about their marriage ceremony and the many functions it involves that they completely forget to shop and carry the most important things for their honeymoon trip. So let us check the list below so that you do not forget some important items that you should carry with you on this trip.

• Appropriate clothing – many make the mistake of carrying very formal kind of clothing for this trip. However, the type of clothing you should carry must be according to the place your travelling to and the kind of activities you will be doing. So shop wisely and carry the things that will make your look like a honeymooner and will make you feel comfortable at the same time.

• Shoes – apart from your high heels or classy shoes, you must make sure you carry a pair of walking sketchers. This will come in a lot of use when you have to walk for long distances in foreign land.

• Toiletries – carry your regular toiletries and do not forget to carry tampons, and pregnancy precaution products with you.

• Hat/cap/umbrella – according to the place you’re travelling to; ensure you carry one or more or all of these.

• Laptop – many feel there is no need to carry a laptop along with them since they wouldn’t be working in the first place. However, it is a good idea to carry one along since you can always keep transferring the memorable photographs you will be taking there. This way your phone memory won’t get full and incase your lose your phone or drop accidentally in the water, you will still have the photographs you have transferred in your laptop safe with you.
These are just a few suggestions out of many that you could keep in mind while packing and shopping for your honeymoon trip.