Regardless of its design anyone can surely make their house look a lot bigger and more spacious than it actually is. There are many different tricky ways for you to do that if you wish to get a bigger looking house even if it is actually smaller than other spacious houses around your place. So, if you wish to get the feeling of relaxing in a spacious living room here are five easy ways to achieve the goal without having to spend much:

1. Lighten up the ceiling’s color – it will help a lot to make your house look more spacious when you paint the ceiling with light color. White is the perfect one to make your ceiling a lot taller than it actually is.

2. Maximize the walls – instead of placing furniture close to the wall you should try place shelves on them and make sure they are above eye level. This will create the illusion of having high ceiling and make the area appear a lot bigger.

3. Be minimalist with furniture – as much as you possibly can try to avoid cluttering any area of your house with furniture. The simple rule is to be minimalist. Therefore think of furniture that you or your visitors could not seem to do without especially in the living room. A simple sofa set and center table will definitely make a statement without cluttering the place.

4. Use striped carpet – the strips will create an illusion of longer floor thereby making the place look a lot spacious. This is why most interior decorators would prefer to use zebra striped carpets on smaller rooms.

5. Play with draperies – the long draperies will also create an illusion of higher ceilings thereby making the room look a lot bigger and spacious.